onsdag 27 november 2013

Swimming in Bora Bora with insulin pump in a bikini from AnnaPS

Josefin Palmén is an athletic who loves to swim. She is swimming with her Animas Vibe pump and she is carrying her pump in the bikini with pocket from AnnaPS. You can see the pictures on here blog, it looks great. We really would like to go to Bora Bora, paradise.

Link to the blog click here to see Josefin swimming with insulin pump

See the bikinis with pockets for insulin pump on http://www.annaps.com/en/swimwear-bikini-with-a-pocket-for-insulin-pump/bikini-for-699-sek.html

Read more about swimming with insulin pump on blog (see link above)
Swimming with pump or just be on the beach with pump and feel relaxed in a bikini from AnnaPS

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