tisdag 26 november 2013

Diabetes clothes will help you to a better sleep

As diabetic with pump it is sometimes lot of problems when you sleep.

Lots of pump users wake up a lot of times in the night because they have the pump free in the bed and when they turn they start laying on the pump, the hose is straighten and it is a lot of risk to lose the infusion set from the body, which is really bad for the glucose level.

Lot of pump users feel bad sleeping with the belts. It is not good looking and uncomfortable to wear.

Some are wearing the pump in a clip on the boxers. No problem until you need to visit the toilet in the nights and you have to put the pump in your mouth to hold it.

Really big problems start when you have small kids calling in nights or coming and would like to sleep in your bed. The small kids hands and feet are a big risk to catch the hose and then the infusion set is falling off.

As a diabetic with pump I love my boxers with special pockets for the pump integrated. I always sleep with the pump in the boxers and I sleep so well. I am never disturbed because of the pump. With the pump in the boxers never have to think about the pump and the hose. I don´t even see the pump and I feel good looking. I never wake up because of laying of the pump. I feel safe. And I always have my hands free. I love my boxers with pocket for insulin pump. My special diabetic clothes.

Do you also would like to sleep well and not have to see or think about your pump in the nights. Please welcome to the website where you can buy the boxers or other special clothes for insulin pump user´s on www.annaps.com

Good night and have a nice sleep in your underwear´s from AnnaPS.
wear your insulin pump in AnnaPS diabetic clothes with special pockets for insulin pump

2 kommentarer:

  1. How about sleeping on your tummy side? I have been considering getting a pump but one of my concerns is me sleeping on my tummy.. I think all my other concerns have been answered by your products like the tight top or boxer shorts with a pocket.

  2. Dear Taru, sleeping on tummy side is working for me with carrying the pump in panties pocket because the pump is laying in a natural "hole" on your body where the pocket is placed. But if you dont't like this I should sleep in the tanktop with pockets in sides. Thanks for your input, have to work on it more.