tisdag 5 november 2013

AnnaPS starting the BLUE DAY 9th of November in Malmö

As Diabetic we are looking forward to the BLUE DAY. It is the world diabetic day, celebrating the 14 th of November.

AnnaPS is working for making life with diabetes easy. Our way is to develop clothes with pocket especially to help diabetic to carry all things they need to bring all the time, as pump, pen, glucose meter, sugar and phone etc.

AnnaPS fight diabetes and supporting the research to find a cure for Diabetes. AnnaPS is supporting the Swedish Child diabetes found and also the Swedish diabetes found.

AnnaPS is starting the BLUE DAY already the 9th of November to participate in Malmö event. We bring all our garments and also lot of great offers.

Please meet AnnaPS at Stadionmässan in Malmö 9th of November at 10.30-16.00.

Please visit AnnaPS web www.annaps.com

WELCOME!!!!! Love to see you there!

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