måndag 18 november 2013

SUSTAINABLE FASHION part 3 - natural or synthetic material

AnnaPS ® stands for sustainable fashion and has chosen a synthetic fiber in the garments. The fiber is cellulose which comes from trees that can be our spruce and pine trees in the forest. AnnaPS® has chosen wood that is guaranteed to be cultivated in a sustainable manner. The tree fiber is named Tencel® and are manufactured in a controlled way, to secure eco-friendly production, please read more about this fantastic fiber on the producer´s website: http://www.lenzing.com/en/fibers/tencel.html

And now more about sustainable fashion….what is natural and synthetic material? And what is sustainable and why?

To make clothes you need to start from a raw material such as trees, cotton, wool, hemp. The raw material is treated into a fiber so that it can be spun into a yarn which is then knitted or weaved to fabric.

There are two types of fiber, natural or synthetic. The natural fibers are, for example cotton, silk, hemp, flax, wool. These materials are designed so that it is possible to spin a thread directly from the fiber.

Synthetic fibers are for example viscose (made on the tree), polyamide (made from oil). What is common with these is that the raw material needs to be "cooked" and the fiber/thread is manufactured in a process similar to spaghetti. The fiber/thread become steadier compared with a natural fiber/thread.

This implies that both natural and synthetic fibers can be sustainable fashion. Natural fibers are always renewable resource which is sustainable fashion. However, they can be sprayed with chemicals so bad that they stop being sustainable fashion.

Synthetic fibers can be sustainable fashion or not. If they are made of renewable raw materials and manufactured in a fear way, then it is sustainable fashion.

AnnaPS has chosen Tencel to secure high quality, soft and wonderful material and produced in a sustainable way. Welcome to www.annaps.com, underwear´s with and without pockets to carry, insulin pump, pen, glucose meter etc.
Spider web is a natural fiber - excellent!

AnnaPS garments are made of  Tencel - green fashion, and wonderful material-here pocket for insulin pump in singlet.

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