tisdag 25 juni 2013

New great tank top for men and women with pocket for insulin pump

Make it simple to carry your insulin pump....or your parkinson pump......or your insulin pen and...... glucose meter and........and sugar.......or your iPhone.......or whatever you need to carry.

These new tank tops with two pockets in the sides offer you a lot of possibilities !

You can carry all your diabetic things you need to bring in the tanktop and you need no bag and can wear the clothes you want.

Inside in the pocket is an opening to make it very simple to place the pump and the hose inside the garment. Outside the pocket it is an overlapping pocket where you simple can take out and put back the pump when you need to take your bolus or just check something on the pump.

The tank top is available for men and women in sizes XS-XXL (XL for women), in two qualities , black is thicker material, perfect for sport or activities and the white is thinner. All in the lovely material Tencel, an eco-viscose.

The black tank top for men is available in end of August. All others are available in our webshop on www.annaps.com

Please welcome to make it simple to carry your pump.
The pocket with Iphone5 inside the pocket

Sugar, pen, glucose meter, Iphone, insulin pump simple to carry in the tank top

Tank top Women with pockets for insulin pump in black sport

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