söndag 7 juli 2013

Lovisa Burfitt print on AnnaPS tank tops

We are proud to present our co-operation with Swedish Diabetes Association (who are supporting diabetes research) and the famous Swedish Illustrator Lovisa Burfitt.

All profit directly support the diabetes research. Would you like to buy this nice looking tank tops with print and at same time support the diabetes research, please visit  http://diabetes.se/sv/Butik1/Produkter/Diabetesfonden/Lovisa-Burfitt-linne-med-pumpficka/ or visit www.annaps.com

The tank tops have two pockets and makes it simple to carry your insulin pump, sugar or something else you need. It is made of soft eco-viscose. Available in sizes 3-4Years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years and 9-10 years.

Easy to carry your insulin pump!

Nice looking print made of Lovisa Burfitt

Nice looking and make it easier to be a Diabetic

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