onsdag 12 juni 2013

Pump user run Stockholm Marathon in AnnaPS tank top

This is Kirsti, diabetic type 1 and pump user. She was running the Stockholm Marathon last week and that was great! She was wearing the pump in AnnaPS new tank top. Tank top Women Boxi4.

In theese pockets you can also wear your glucose meter and sugar. There are 2 pockets. And you can also wear your insulin pen in the pockets.

This was Kirsti written:
Translated to English:
I run Stockholm Marathon this Saturday and on the picture you can see me in AnnaPS sport linen for pump. In this I have two glucos jelly and I used them during the race. Conclusion: start at bs=5,8, a high bs at 19,8 as I had to adjust after 20km and low bs at 30 km with bs=2,3. I made it, I was running in goal and make a personal record with 30 minutes, a total time 4,43 and bs=3,9. The cake and cup of coffee I got then was the best ever!

Sprang Stockholmsmaran i Lördags och på bilden inviger jag Anna Ps sportlinne för pump. Däri hade jag också två påsar med gele (glukos), inhandlat på Stadium. De gick åt. Sammanfattning:
Startväde 5,8. Ett högt BS 19,8 som jag bara var tvungen att korrigera vid 20 km och en känning naturligtvis på det vid 30 km bs 2,3. Men i mål gick jag. Bättrade min tid med ca 30 min, med sluttid 4.43. BS blev 3,9 vid målgång och kanelbullen med kaffe var det bästa jag fått på länge.

AnnaPS would like to say Congratulations to Kirsti and we see you as a hero!

You can now buy the tanktop in AnnaPS webshop www.annaps.com

Kirsti at Stockholm Marathon runnig with the pump in AnnaPS tank top

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