onsdag 7 mars 2012

NEWS-Singlet with pocket for Insulin Pump

We can introduce a new product in our web shop. A singlet with an integrated pocket where you carry your insulin pump.

Easy to carry your pump in the pocket integrated with the tank top, for e.g under a T-shirt, shirt or sweater. The singlet is supposed to be a complement to the panties with a pocket. The singlet top is perfect to wear the Insulin pump in when you have baggier clothes. It is very easy to insert and remove the Insulin pump from the top in order to take your insulin or adjust settings.

To start with we have only a few tops in stock so take the opportunity to buy one now!

Price for tank top is SEK 495 (approx 49 EUR).
Material is soft Tencel
The tank top is available in sizes XS (from 9 years) - XL

The tank top has adjustable shoulder straps and a built-in bra. The pocket has a buttonhole on the inside to enable to place the hose to the Insulin pump, on the inside the singlet.

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