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We at AnnaPS® are driven to reach Sustainable fashion for all our garments. Sustainable fashion are a big topic. You have no idea what there is to tell about sustainable fashion. If you are interested to learn more about this and follow, you can read our post under this headline. There is a lot to tell so we will take it in small sections and every now and then (the same text for this text in Swedish you can read here http://www.annaps.blogspot.se/2011/01/hallbart-mode-del-1.html)

This time we will explain why Sustainable fashion is so large and complex.

The environmental impact is high when making clothes, and it is because the manufacture of clothing is a long chain of various production steps, thus there are many elements that impact on the environment.

Most of the manufacturing steps take place at different suppliers, often in different parts of the world, resulting in many long journeys. To protect the clothes (fabric, fibers, etc.) during transportation between factories and shops, they are treated with chemicals and sometimes chemicals that are used are unsuitable for all living things.

Chemicals are used in most of the production steps. Everything from the spraying of crops when grown for dyeing fabric. Usually it is coloring the process (dying) where most heavy chemicals are used. How heavy chemicals are depends on what color will be dyed, dark blue requires the most toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, too many manufacturers are missing a purification system so that large quantities of toxic chemicals are released straight into our nature. And that is not sustainable fashion.

Sustainability is important for AnnaPS ®. Choosing a manufacturer who does not use banned chemicals and ensures that waste is handled properly is important for AnnaPS ® too. For AnnaPS® garments we have chosen as short transports as possible and transportation are made by truck and boats in same climate as in Sweden. All garments are produced within an area of 500 km and no chemicals is needed to protect the clothes during transport. No harmful and forbidden chemicals are used in any steps in production. We are following REACH (Environmental law within EU). 

Welcome to read more about AnnaPS® production at our homepage http://www.annaps.com/sv/om-anna-ps/produktion-miljo-etik/.
Busy as a bee- a bee works continuously and does so much for us and the nature

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