måndag 15 oktober 2012

Do you like to wear your pump in the Bra?

Lots of women likes to have their insulin pump in the bra. Simple to wear the pump and easy to get it.

But the humidity is high and it is also little tricky when taking the bolus and you need to put your hand into the bra when people is looking at you.

So we recommend our singlet with pocket for insulin pump where you can wear the pump under the breast. It is very simple to take out the pump and easy to take bolus very discrete.

Please try and your everyday life with insulin pump is going to be easier.

I am using my singlets with pocket for my insulin pump every day and I love it myself. I would like to help you to make it easy to wear your pump.

We have sizes from X-small (from 10 years) up to X-large.

Welcome to visit our web shop at www.annaps.com

Discrete pocket for your insulin pump under the breast

Easy to wear insulin pump, color pink

Color Soot black and sizes xs-xl

Double fabrik in the top make it stable for wearing the pump

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