lördag 8 mars 2014

About Border-to-border in Finland 440 km cross country race

Josefin Palmén type 1 diabetic - nothing stops her
Josefin Palmen is type 1 diabetic. She is great challenging herself and nothing is impossible. Click here to read more about Josefin participating in worlds longest cross-country race in Finland, Border-to-border in Finland totally 440 km.

If you would like to read more about Josefin you can follow her blog, click here to get there.

Josefin is a perfect coach for you who would like to live a life with sporting and having diabetes, she shows that nothing can stop you because of diabetes. If you need her help, don´t hesitate to contact her.

Josefin says to AnnaPS that the tank top with pockets from AnnaPS was necessary to make the border-to-border race. It was the way she secure the insulin and blood-sugar meter in the cold condition. If you would look more to AnnaPS garments with pockets click here.
Josefin protect her insulin, pump and bs-meter in tank top with pockets from www.annaps.com

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