tisdag 17 november 2015

WDD 2015 - our blue event

We have had an intense weekend celebrating the World Diabetes Day with our blue event Facing T1D - and we want to share this amazing experience with you! So we are sharing some of our pictures right here - enjoy!
Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors, our close ones helping us to prepare, and of course to everyone who showed up!

(Photo cred: JW Images)

Vi har haft en intensiv helg med firande av Världsdiabetesdagen genom vårt event Facing T1D - och vi vill dela med oss av den otroliga upplevelsen med er! Så vi delar en del bilder med er här - håll till godo!
Tack till alla våra otroliga sponsorer, våra nära och kära som hjälpte oss att förbereda, och självfallet till alla som kom!

Terese helping us with graphic mind mapping during the night.

Planning, eating and getting our hair styled at the same time.

The line outside started to grow early.. 

...while we prepared the last things inside the venue.

The hosts are ready!

The guests picked up their goodie bags on their way in.

International Hair Academy had hair stylers on site, giving the guests blue hairstyles.

We brought AnnaPS products at bargain prices.

Introducing the program for the night.

We were blue too!

The event had guests of all ages.

We encouraged the guests to leave their marks.. 

The interest for the AnnaPS products was huge! 

"When will diabetes be cured?"

Sofia 'Diabetesia' lectured about her life as a diabetes entrepreneur. 

All of the hair stylers from IHA and the hosts.

The venue personel and the hosts.

A little bit of Terese's graphic mind mapping.

Text: Sofia Larsson-Stern
Content Marketing and Social Media Consultant at AnnaPS

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