fredag 6 februari 2015

The news and changes that comes with a new year - we welcome 2015!

A new year normally provides people with all kinds of changes; new year resolutions of improved eating habits, better HbA1c's, getting gym card or maybe just maintaining a cleaner kitchen. At AnnaPS we too have made some changes for 2015. Except for new and exciting products and designs in our collection - we are now welcoming a new member in our AnnaPS crew!

From the beginning of January and forward, Sofia Larsson-Stern will be a Content Marketing and Social Media Consult in the company, working side by side with me. Sofia will be in charge of the social media channels, as well as this blog, the news letter and of course being a reliable contact to our costumers. You can get a hold of her at I'll step aside here - letting Sofia introduce herself more properly:

Sofia and Anna during their first creative meeting a week ago.

Hi you guys!

I'm Sofia, or better known as Sia. I'm 21 y/o, living in Gothenburg and have been type 1 diabetic since 2008. Some of you might think 'Oh, but I recognize this girl!'. And well, some of you may be right. I have been blogging about my life with diabetes since March last year, at My interest of spreading knowledge about T1D has been booming ever since, and today my blog is one of the biggest in Scandinavia. 

Up until the beginning of 2015 I was studying to become an architect at a university in Gothenburg. But then I decided to take a sabbatical year to explore my opportunities of working with diabetes on full time. Anna had been a good friend and I had been trying on (and absolutely loved!) her products for a few months when I got the offer to work as a consult in her company. It was absolutely perfect, and today I'm working part time here, and part time with my own company - which includes my blog. 

I went to Östhammar just outside of Uppsala in Sweden a week ago, where Anna lives, to get introduced in the company. It was a couple of really intense days, but I got so much out of them! We spoke about goals and ambitions, future collaborations, I shared my thoughts and ideas, and I was given a chance to explore the entire collection too. 

Working with social media isn't something completely new to me, but still very developing. I therefore welcome all opinions, suggestions and ideas you as customers may have - and take them into consideration. Our goal is to work with you as much as ever possible, in that way we can be sure to give you more of what you want. 

Work in progress.

And since it's my job to keep this blog updated from now on, I might as well continue this blog post by telling you about Anna's recent trip to Hanoi in Vietnam.

After our introduction days in Östhammar, Anna went to Hanoi to visit the plant in which the clothes are being sewn. At AnnaPS we are very strict with the way our clothes are being produced. The working conditions has to be healthy, and the sewing process environmentally friendly. This is what Anna was keeping an eye on in Hanoi - as well as providing the plant employees with ideas of new designs and prints... So much going on!

Hanoi, Vietnam.

Anna and the plant employees making sure everything's correct on the briefs.

Anna outside the plant in Hanoi, Vietnam.

She wrote me an email: "My CGM has been my savior a few times during this trip. Eating food I'm not used to has consequences.  It's difficult to estimate the amount of carbs, and I end up too high in glucose. With my CGM I can detect this in an early stage and correct the doses right away. Within a few hours I have been back on normal levels again. This would have been so much harder without the CGM!"

So - it has been a kick start to the new year for us. We are now looking forward to a year filled with spreading knowledge, helping diabetics make their days a little easier, and giving everyone the opportunity of feeling free. And most of all we hope you will enjoy 2015 with us!

/Anna & Sofia

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