fredag 10 oktober 2014

Would you like to see our new blue ring?

World diabetes day on 14th of November is coming closer. Our symbol for that is the blue ring.

We (AnnaPS) have made 2 own blue rings and this is our happy guy. With this blue ring we will support the fight against diabetes and support all people struggling with diabetes every day, you are heroes!

AnnaPS is a company started by me, Anna Sjöberg, with type1 since 1998. Today I carry insulin pump and I have developed underwear´s with pockets for diabetics and the brand is called AnnaPS. All this garments exist to make it easier to live with diabetes.

In all AnnaPS clothes you can carry your insulin pump perfect. But in some garments you also can carry insulin pen, glucose meter, dextro, cellular phone, cgm-hand unit, hand-units to Omnipod and all you need to bring with you. You need no extra bag. That is freedom!

Here we present our new AnnaPS blue-ring. Do you like it?

I wish you all a nice weekend!
Clothes to carry insulin pump or pen- to make it easier to live as diabetic

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