lördag 21 juni 2014

AnnaPS climbing uphill in Norway

Today I was climbing uphill cloose to Oslo.It was great exercise and it took about an hour. I started on 13,5 in bs and reduce the basal to 25%. During this hour I took approx 40 gram rousins and when I came up my bs was 7,3. I was happy and today my diabetes worked out in a good manner.

During the climbing I really love to carry the insulinpump, glucosemeter, sugar in the tanktop and sport bra with pockets from www.annaps.com. It was easy to take them out and measure and check during the walk. 

It is so great here in Norway and I am really looking forward to come here during the Winter. They have 1000 km perfect tracks here just north of Oslo. I promise, I will come back!

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