onsdag 14 maj 2014

Sunshine and insulin pump - it is time for bikini

Do you carry insulin pump and have problems to find a good way to carry your insulin pump during the Summer? Perhaps my story can help you to find an easy way to feel beautiful and relaxed with your pump in the Summertime.
I love the Summer, it is a warm and healthy time. To protect the insulin and also find a way to carry my insulin pump is necessary. Walking around in the garden or just stay on the beach, I carry my insulin pump in the bikini with pocket for the pump from AnnaPS. Sometimes bikini model in boxer or sometimes with long legs. I really like to make it simple. I don´t have to be afraid of dropping the pump, it´s stays in the pocket. And it is discrete, nobody even see the pump and I like the design. I think the pocket and the popper is a nice detail, making the bikini unique. And I am always handsfree! I can do whatever I want without thinking of my insulin pump. That is freedom for me. Always have all hands free, that is perfect.

When I need to take a bolus or something else it is easy and quick to take out and in the pump in the pocket. It is easy to close the pocket with the popper to make sure the pump stays in the pocket. I use to place the needle low on my stomach because then I can have the whole tube inside the garment and protect the insulin from the heat and sunshine. It is a small opening inside the pocket to make it possible to have the tube inside the garment.

I don´t swim with my insulin pump because it isn´t waterproof. When it is time for me to go into bath, I take off the pump from the coupling. Let the pump stay in the bikini pocket and just switch to another pair of bikinipanties. The pump stay easy in the pocket and there are no risk it will fall out from the pocket. I use to place the bikini panties in my bag, protect them from the sunshine. There are also perfect protection of the pump from sand. No sand get into the pocket and the pump. When I have been swimming I put on my bikini panties with the insulin pump in the pocket, assembling the coupling and start the  pump again. I don´t have to hold the insulin pump when I put off and on the garment. The insulin pump stay into the pocket when it is closed with the popper.
This is simple life for me with my pump in Summertime.

Ofcourse I have to watch up regarding the heat and the insulin but I use to find a solution for that.

Would you like to tell me your story regarding insulin pump and Summertime? Please let me know.

Here you can see a video on youtube in 30 sek, about carrying the pump in bikini pocket, please click on the link: AnnaPS bikini with pocket for insulin pump

Looking forward to meet the summer again!

This is written by Anna Sjöberg, grounder of AnnaPS and type 1 diabetic with pump.

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