söndag 19 maj 2013

AnnaPS new tanktop perfect for Iron man

This is Josefin Palmen who have made an Iron man, Boarder to Boarder ( skii race in Finland 450 km) and other extrem sport races. She is also wearing insulin pump.

Josefin says: AnnaPS new tanktop is my favorite. It was nessesary when I made Boarder to Boarder race. I wear my pump during the races and exercising in AnnaPS products. Perfect to simple wear pump, suger and glucose measure in the pockets. The fabric is best ever for sport. I recommend AnnaPS to all.
Here is Josefin in the tanktop and panties with pocket for insulin pump from AnnaPS.
Iron Women in here favorite solution to wear insulin pump during the races and exercising. Garments from AnnaPS with pocket to wear insulin pump.
If you would like to read more about this inspiring women who share a lot of information to others about exercising and competing with diabetic and insulin pump. Please go to here blog : http://medsockeriblodetochenviljaavjarn.wordpress.com/

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