söndag 5 augusti 2012

Men's underwear with a pocket to carry insulin pump - FINALLY IN STOCK

Now we finally have the first men's boxer with a pocket for insulin pumps in stock.

We have listened to our strong 15 men test group and the boxers are in soot-black and with two different pocket solutions, one with a snap button and one without it.

It is a matter of which pocket solution you prefer. We at AnnaPS think that both pockets have their own advantages.

With snap button - easier to put in and remove the pump
Without snap button - just avoids the using of the buttonBoxers cost 295 SEK/each

Some of the benefits of carrying a pump in a pocket in your boxers:
- Easy to wear boxers (the pump is not visible, can not be lost, there is no risk to get caught and pull the infusion set, easy to change, e.g. in changing rooms
- To not be disturbed by the pump when sleeping (it’s not visible, you don’t have to keep track on it when getting up at night, or to be worried about turning around in bed)
- Easy storage of the pump during exercise (e.g., playing soccer, ice hockey, skiing)

You are welcome to visit our webshop www.annaps.com
Boxer with pocket for insulin pump, with snap button

Boxer with pocket for insulin pump, without snap button

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